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A Golden Era  &  A Long Road Ahead
by Jim Knoedel

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Fictional tale of the prep

and collegiate careers of a father

in the late sixties and his son

in the new millennium.

An inspirational story that

compares the two eras,

chronicling each runners struggle

to get to the top.

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both books Available in paperback

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My Story

I was a collegiate track/cross country coach for 35 years and watched the evolution of our sport - from sweep-hand stop watches to computers, low-cut basketball shoes to $175 trainers, cinder tracks to all-weather surfaces, the straddle high jump to the Fosbury Flop. I've seen it all. Over those years I have been in the stands, applauding eleven World Record performances, two within the span of ten minutes, one in a torrential downpour at the 1970 NCAA Championships.

My college coach raced against the great Jesse Owens, giving me a first-hand account of the Performance of the Century at Ferry Field in 1935, but I also watched the incomparable Carl Lewis as he won 9 Olympic Gold Medals in the 1984 and 1988 Games.

I had the good fortune to be selected to coach the 1996 US Ekiden Team in Yokohama, the 1999 World XC Championships in Belfast, and the 2007 US v Germany 'Thorpe Cup' Heptathlon in Stuttgart.  


My Story
A Tale of Two Runners
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Run Like a Girl & Girl on the Run

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I truly enjoyed "A Golden Era" - a fun read! It brought me back to my formative years of high school running in the 60's...the book made me reflect upon the relationships that I had and still have with former athletes.

Joe Piane - Univ. of Notre Dame

2019 USTFCCCA Coaches Hall of Fame


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