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Triumph Over Tragedy

Beginning next Sunday I will release the 21 chapters (two per week) of a novelette I wrote - the story of Matt Wilson, oldest of three children, his father an alcoholic and mother a shell of her former self, discovering the life-changing impact joining the high school cross country team had on his teenage years.

If you haven't already enrolled, do so to get them sent to you.

As a freshman at East High School Matt achieved success he had never known, finishing third at the frosh/soph conference cross country meet despite a stumble on the final straight, in track setting school records buts missing a chance to run at the state meet because of an unexpected injury.

In his sophomore year Matt joins the state's distance running elite, leading the East High team to their first of three state cross country trophies, missing the individual title by inches at his initial XC state championship. At a celebratory party the following week he meets a man he never knew, yet one who plays a profound role in the years ahead.

Despite the amazing triumphs in running, his high school years are beset with constant adversity, forcing him to hide a family secret from the world, knowing the consequences if the truth was uncovered. Ultimately it is the death of someone close which turns his life upside down, compelling Matt to take on responsibilities never expected for someone so young.

Based on an amalgamation of athletes I have coached over the thirty-five years, this story is a triumphant tale of a runner who refuses to give up despite a road littered by the mental and physical wounds of a damaged family.

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