"Run Like A Girl"

Next Sunday I will release the first of four excerpts from my latest novel - "Run Like A Girl - The Tale of a Distance Runner during the Infancy of Title IX.

With the 50th anniversary of this momentous legislation just a week behind us (June 23, 1972) I wanted to get the word out about my newest adventure - a story set in the late 70's and early 80's, following the life of a fictional female runner.

Sarah Tucker is a 7th grader growing up in Iowa City, the daughter of a father who is a teacher/coach at the high school and a mother with strong feminist views, competition and sports the young girl's favorite outlets. She looked forward to junior high but the transition quickly became a disappointment when she discovers her options.

There are no fall sports for her in middle school so she joins the cross country team at the high school, Shelly her only teammate, a freshman competing in the sport for the first time. Despite the inauspicious dive into the unknown activity, she soon realizes what a tremendous impact this opportunity will have on her life.

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